I don't really like the LiveJournal format so I'm going to move my blog over to . It's much easier to put pictures up there as well.

I don't really post much, but I'll move over my beefcake challenge and then use my web cam to take a picture of my flabby torso each week to see if I'm making any progress.  Once I get a digital camera, I'll take pictures of the tasty food that I eat and put up the recipes.

Beefcake Challenge: End of Week 18

Day 124:
Weight = 203.8 lbs, 8.8 lbs too heavy
Body fat = 31.6%, 6.6 percentage points too fatty
Visceral fat = 11, 3 points too fatty

I'm sure the weight loss over the past week is just water loss from my illness.  Between being sick and being busy at work, I didn't do much of anything.  Heh.  I'm pretty much failing my beefcake challenge.

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It's getting hot out so I shaved my head.  I also figured out how to get my web cam to take better pictures.  It turns out that the exposure was on auto so not enough light was getting to the detector.  The picture turned out stupid enough to be my default icon on here.

I took a shower after shaving, but I don't know that I got all the hair off since I can feel it on my back.  I'll probably have to shower again tonight to get more of it off.

Some people look alright with their heads shaved and I happen to be one of them.

Beefcake Challenge: End of Week 17

Day 117:
Weight = 206.6 lbs, 11.6 lbs too heavy
Body fat = 31.2%, 6.2 percentage points too fatty
Visceral fat = 11, 3 points too fatty

No, the above is not a typo.  I have the same composition this week as I did last week.  I think playing frisbee helped me from getting fatter, but doing nothing else didn't help me lose any fat.  I'm not interested in a zero-sum game since I think that I'm carrying too much flab.  Work was pretty hectic last week though, but that isn't really a good excuse.

Beefcake Challenge: End of Week 16

Day 110:
Weight = 206.6 lbs, 11.6 lbs too heavy
Body fat = 31.3%, 6.3 percentage points too fatty
Visceral fat = 11, 3 points too fatty

Damn.  Not only am I not making any progress, but I seem to be getting worse as the challenge progresses.  My big problem is I've been eating a bit too much lately and not getting exercise.  I guess that's the generic reason for why anyone is out of shape.  I played ultimate last Tuesday, but that was about it because I tweaked my ankle on the lumpy and crooked field. 

I only have about ten weeks to go and it would be great to get down to 200 lbs and below 30% body fat-wise.  I'm going to have to buckle down.  That means no more sugar or crap (once I finish the tasty banana bread I made last night) and it means more exercise.  I'm thinking of taking some krav maga lessons (do a Google search on it to learn more).  I'll be a lean, mean fighting machine after a couple of months of that.  I'll also know how to kick someone's ass and that's never a bad thing.  There is a training center not too far from where I live (by CA standards):  I'm too lazy to embed the link.

At least it's sunny out now.

Beefcake Challenge: End of Week 15

Day 103:
Weight = 205.6 lbs, 10.6 lbs too heavy
Body fat = 31.0%, 6.0 percentage points too fatty
Visceral fat = 11, 3 points too fatty

Little to no change from last week, which isn't that surprising since I didn't do jack squat when it comes to working out.  My cousin was in town so I met up with him and work has gotten busy.  Both of those conspired to throw off my exercise schedule.  This week will be different though.

It was wicked hot last night and still feels pretty warm now so I had time sleeping in all that stuffiness.

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I can definitely tell that I'm not taking my allergy medicine (I ran out) since I'm starting to get irritable and grouchy for no reason.  Of course, it's pretty damn cold out and that's not cool for early April around here.

I don't really have anything to say so I'm not sure why I'm posting.

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Well, Memphis could've won it in regulation, but missed free throws down the stretch.  Chumps.  The game wasn't all that well played, but it was close.

Lazy Sunday...

I'm not sure why I think I can just rest my eyes on my couch.  It hasn't worked the other twenty times I've tried so why would today be an different?

My bread is almost done and smells pretty darn good.  Go go Breadman.

Today has been a lot less productive than yesterday, but that's ok.  I'm going to have to work hard this week.